Opportunities to Help
SGT Food Pantry
Opportunity: To serve our church food pantry in preparing for, ministering to, and delivering food items to individuals, homeless shelters, and communities.
Contact: Joanie Anderson
Phone Number: 631-256-7954
Long Island Youth Mentoring

Children who grow up without fathers are more likely to show up in negative statistics like drug abuse, school dropouts, poverty, crime, suicide, and mental health problems. Domestic violence is drastically up within our current lockdown. Sadly, fatherlessness and the issues that go with it are passed from generation to generation unless there is some intervention.  We are not talking about a race or a poverty problem. It is a fatherless problem. God has made it clear that He has called His church to intervene.
How can you help? Long Island Youth Mentoring will train and support you to meet with one child for 2 hours a week. Currently, 100 boys and 30 girls have requested and are currently waiting for their Mentor. Text the word “Mentor” to 90407 for more information.

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Stitched Together Long Island
Opportunity: To make PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) items such as masks and gowns for first responders, essential business workers, and for anyone that needs them. This group needs people that can sew masks and do seamstress work. As important, they need runners/transporters that can deliver the PPE items to the various medical facilities, businesses, and individuals. Also, they are in dire need of elastic. If you know how to obtain any amount of elastic please contact them.
Contact for sewing masks, doing seamstress work, and providing elastic: Keta Graber
Contact for delivering masks, gowns, and other PPE items: Peter Graber
The Social Brain


Opportunity: To donate needed items to individuals with brain injuries. The Covid-19 pandemic has caused the regular delivery of vital items to be suspended. The vital items needed include diapers, pull-ups, chucks, and other small medical items. Please click on the Amazon Wishlist button below to see all the items needed. When you purchase the items on thru Amazon, the items will be shipped to The Social Brain and they will distribute to families in need. If you want to help distribute the items, please contact The Social Brain directly.
Contact to volunteer for distribution or any questions: Ira Dunne
Phone Number:  631-793-4311