Prayer Ministry


The vision of the SGT Prayer ministry is to advance God’s kingdom by fully engaging in the purpose, power, and practical expression of prayer. We are committed to creating a prayer-saturated church with prayer permeating every life, ministry, and outreach within our church; cultivating a passion to see communion with Christ as central to each life as well as the life and heartbeat of our church family. We envision a church of believers that passionately embrace prayer as an integral part of their daily lifestyle as well as expressed through intercession at our corporate prayer meetings and through our various prayer ministry expressions.
The goal of SGT prayer ministry is to construct a sacred wall of unified prayer to surround God’s plans as well as establising a solid foundation to strategically advance forward God’s purposes for SGT and His purposes for SGT in the world.


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There are various corporate and strategic prayer expressions at SGT that are available to attend, Each prayer expression is strategic in its purpose and encourages personal growth in prayer as well as corporate agreement. Each expression has its own meeting times and varying locations. Prayerfully consider joining one of the prayer teams below.


General Prayer/Intercession Meetings

The corporate prayer meetings are powerful times for believers at SGT to come together to seek the Lord and declare His will to be accomplished on earth as it is in heaven. During these meetings there is an openness to the direction and leading of the Holy Spirit. Incorporated in these meetings are times of worship, thanksgiving, petitions, personal ministry, and intercession.
Wednesdays – 6am – Prayer Room – Ken Metzler
Wednesdays – 9:30am to 11:30am – Prayer Room
Thursdays – 6:45pm – Zoom Meeting – Debbie Garsik
Fridays – 6am – Zoom Meeting – Password: 853360 – Pastor Ted Bichsel
Fridays – 7pm – Women’s Spanish Ministry (Mujeres con Proposito)

Outreach Prayer Partners

Debbie Garsik |
This prayer expression is focused on saturating all of the SGT outreaches in prayer. Multiple teams of intercessors receive a monthly calendar of all ministry outreaches for that month. Each intercessor in their personal prayer time, as well as connecting weekly with prayer partners, pray for the unsaved to find the Lord Jesus as their Savior and for the advancement of the Kingdom of God.

Smithtown Christian School Prayer Meeting

Reverend Joel Maus | 631.265.3334
This prayer meeting is a time where parents, faculty, administration, and the school board members of SCS come together to pray. Intercession is made for God’s will to be done in the lives of the students, their families, faculty, administration, and the SCS school board. Also specific needs for the school and upcoming events are covered in prayer.

Prayer Partners for Missionaries

This ministry is a prayer partnership with our missionaries, as they serve the Lord on their specific mission field. Prayer is made daily on behalf of the specific missionary you are a partner with as well as for their families and the people group they minister to. There are also corporate prayer meetings scheduled for these missionaries.

Prayer Points for Missionaries

Patrica Loparo |
This prayer ministry enables individuals to pray for the specific prayer requests of our missionaries by making available, either by email or hard copy, their latest prayer request. These updates are available by email as well as on Sundays, in the carousel at the Missions Counter.


Prayer for Unreached People Groups

Faith Reynolds |
This ministry of prayer consists of praying daily and specifically for one or both of the “unreached people groups” (those who have never heard the gospel) which our church has adopted. Prayer calendars provide awareness of specific needs as well as background information. Prayer meetings focused upon the unreached people groups are scheduled throughout the year.

Moms-in-Prayer Prayer Meetings (SGT and SCS Mothers)

Moms in Prayer International, formerly called Moms in Touch, impacts children and schools worldwide for Christ by gathering mothers to pray weekly for their children, teachers, and the administrators of the schools their children attend. It is an exciting hour of prayer interceding for the purposes of God to prevail in the lives of their children.
SGT Mothers
In this weekly prayer meeting, the mothers of SGT come together as a family to pray for their children and teachers and administrators of the various schools their children attend. Grandmothers are welcomed. For the specific time and place of this meeting, call 631.664.5888
SCS Mothers
In this prayer meeting, mothers whose children attend SCS meet weekly to pray for their children, the teachers, and the administrators of SCS. This meeting covers students in all three levels: elementary, middle school and the high school. Grandmothers are welcomed. For the specific time and place of this meeting call the school office at 631.265.3334

Pro-Life Prayer

Debbie Garsik |
In response to our culture’s disregard for the sanctity of human life and the overwhelming number of abortions performed in our region and our nation, a group of intercessors meet weekly via Zoom to cry out to God for the unborn. Two main focuses of this prayer time are: for the prevention of abortions at the Planned Parenthood located in our region; for the Lord to use those who are actively on-site praying and offering alternative intervention to those considering to have an abortion. There is also prayer for any legislative decisions being made regarding abortion. This group prays every Thursday evening from 6:45-8pm.

24/7 Prayer

Ann Migliore |
This prayer expression is made up of individuals from SGT that have made a commitment to pray and intercede for one hour on a specific day of the week. The goal is to have continual prayer coverage 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Intercession for God’s will to be done on earth as it is in heaven is made for Smithtown Gospel Tabernacle, the community, and the unsaved.

PIT Crews

PIT Crews stand for Pastor’s Intercessory Team. Each pastor has his own individual team of intercessors that actively stand in prayer for him personally, his wife, and his family, Intercession is made for the pastor to be strengthened to accomplish and fulfill all that God has ordained him to be and to do in his respective area of ministry at SGT.

Linea de Oracion en EspaƱol | 631.982.8265

Luis Silva
This is a phone line where individuals are able to leave their prayer requests in Spanish. Intercession for these prayer requests will be made in the Spanish prayer meetings

265-Need Prayer Request Phone Line | 631.265.NEED (6333)

Marge Baldwin
This is a phone line where individuals can call and leave their prayer request. These requests are picked up daily and shared with a group of intercessors who will pray for each specific request. Also any prayer requests that are received on our church website are directed to this prayer line.


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