Pastoral Staff


Stephen Zarlengo

Lead Pastor

Wife: Anna
Children: Evie, Emerson, Silas, Norah
Education: B.A. Church History and Biblical Studies, M.A. in Theological Historical Studies, Oral Roberts University
Year Entered Ministry: 2009
Year Joined Smithtown: 2011
Life Scripture: Micah 7:8
Philosophy of Ministry:
Being a good minister is being an excellent servant. One’s ministry should not be founded on their title; instead it should be built upon the foundation of their daily walk with Christ and an overflow of their intimacy with God and His Word. Ministry is not meant to be an individualistic occupation, but instead a communal work to see God’s Kingdom bring life and light to the lost and dying.

Derek Prezzano

Executive Pastor

Wife: Debbie
Children: Christian, Corey, Connor, Cameron
Education: B.A. Psychology Oral Roberts University, Biblical Studies Certificate Program Christ for the Nations Institute of Biblical Studies
Year Entered Ministry: 2004
Year Joined Smithtown: 2007
Life Scripture: Matthew 22:37-40
Philosophy of Ministry:
Ministry is simply an overflow of the intimacy of my relationship with my heavenly Father. The more I abide in His presence and allow Him to transform my heart, the more effective and accurate will be my ministry to others. God will utilize the gifting, passions and talents He has placed in each of us to fulfill His purposes in His church and in our community.

Matt Pastor

Associate Pastor,

Worship & Arts

Wife: Jessica
Children: Lily, Eleanor, Eliza
Education: B.A. Music Education Aaron Copeland School of Music, M.A. Music Education Aaron Copeland School Of Music
Year Entered Ministry: 2000
Year Joined Smithtown: 2014
Life Scripture: Jeremiah 33:3
Philosophy of Ministry:
Pressing in to see every believer become intimately familiar with the presence of God: that as we come together, His glory would come down and His kingdom would be established in the hearts of His people so that they might be equipped to release His power and love in the earth

Ted Bichsel

Associate Pastor, Counseling & Marriage

Wife: Phyllis
Children: Bradley, Jaclyn
Education: B.A. Architecture Virginia Tech, Master of Divinity Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary
Year Entered Ministry: 1981
Year Joined Smithtown: 1983
Life Scripture: 1 Chronicles 28:8-10
Philosophy of Ministry:
Ministry has always been about listening to God and how He would have me touch people’s hearts. It is up to me to use all of these gifts to glorify God.

Mike Lawver

Associate Pastor,

Missions & Evangelism

Wife: Lori
Children: Abigail, Emma, Israel, Moriah, Zebediah
Education: B.A. Accounting, DeVry University; Master of Divinity with Interdisciplinary Studies (Missiology), Regent University
Year Entered Ministry: 1997
Year Joined Smithtown: 2011
Life Scripture: Psalm 119:11

Philosophy of Ministry:

To be an effective minister, one must first be a disciple of Jesus Christ who loves God with all of their heart, soul, and mind, and likewise, loves others even as God loves them. By fulfilling these great commandments, a called minister can then equip the church for the work of ministry to glorify God. Thus, ministry must start with personal and communal discipleship that exemplifies to and leads the body of Christ in going into all the world to preach the gospel and make disciples.

Michael Sinclair

Associate Pastor,

Student Life

Wife: Cezanne
Children: Serene
Education: Global University: Berean School of the Bible, B.A. History & Linguistics – University of Connecticut, Cafe 1040 Missions Training
Year Entered Ministry: 2016
Year Joined Smithtown: 2016
Life Scripture: Malachi 3:16-18
Philosophy of Ministry:
To see in our children a vibrant passion to love the Lord wholeheartedly, understand His truth deeply, and be equipped to reach their generation boldly.

Jeffrey Eichenlaub

Associate Pastor,

Discipleship, Creative Media

Wife: Tiffany
Children: Ayla
Education: B.S. Bible and Theology – Lee University, M.A Biblical Literature (New Testament), Alliance Theological Seminary
Year Entered Ministry: 2018
Year Joined Smithtown: 2018
Life Scripture: Psalm 121:1-2
Philosophy of Ministry:

My top priority is to bring people to the feet of Jesus and let Him do all the work. I am not able to change anyone, but He is able and is willing! Everyone is welcomed, equal, and changed at the feet of Jesus. My desire is that every student will find their value and purpose in that very place.

Joel Maus


Smithtown Christian School

Wife: Stephanie
Children: Noel, Holly, Noah
Education: B.A. English Literature Oral Roberts University, M. Ed. School Administration Northeastern State University
Year Entered Ministry: 2008
Year Joined Smithtown: 2013
Life Scripture: Ephesians 2:10
Philosophy of Ministry:
Christian Education is one of the best vehicles to deliver God’s word and daily discipleship to the next generation. Through regular interaction with mature yet imperfect Christian mentors, children grow in their understanding of the Gospel and in their relationship with Christ. They learn to examine their life by the Truth, and to live their life in His grace.