Monday Devos

We are excited to announce our new Sunday to Monday Devotional! Our goal is to take everything that God did in service and bring it into our week. This devotional will typically consist of the Scriptures from Sunday and a summary of the sermon followed by a few questions to ask ourselves and pray through while remembering what God did in our hearts during the service. Check back in this upcoming Monday!

Monday, September 27th:

This Sunday, our former Missions Pastor, Pastor Rich Collingridge, returned to give the word of the Lord! He spoke about “A Spirit-filled, Spirit-lead church.” Pastor Rich reminded us that hearing the call of the Lord is what is most important when making decisions. We can find ourselves in seasons of wanting “more.” Whether it’s more miracles, more “big” moments, etc., we were encouraged to set our eyes back on the Lord. When we say yes, we find that the Lord meets us because we are where He called us to be. Below you’ll find the Scriptures Pastor Rich quoted and a few questions to ask and pray through in our quiet time.

Acts 13:1-13
  1. When you think of being a follower of Jesus, do you ever feel like John Mark? Did you come in with hopes of signs and wonders but find yourself doing the more “mundane” or “everyday” work?
  2. Where do you feel the Lord has called you to be? Has He called you to be somewhere, to give something, or to minister to someone?
  3. How can you hear and respond to the call of God this week? If you know what He is calling you to do, do it! If you do not, take some time to ask Him and intentionally listen for His leading.