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Mike & Joyce Bond

Global Radio Outreach

Mike and Joyce Bond are the founders of Global Radio Outreach, also known as EMission to Islam. Through G.R.O. they evangelize and disciple Muslims throughout their world using a strategy that involves a fusion radio and Internet technologies, with a potential audience of just over one-half billion listeners. Letters are coming in from Muslims, converts and other listeners in 58 countries.


Nick & Rosie Brackett

YWAM – Chiang Rai, Thailand

Rosie is a teacher at Chiang Rai International Christian School.  Her service enables other missionaries and full-time Christian workers to engage in their ministry callings.  Nick is a trainer for Alpha Thailand, equipping others for evangelism through Alpha.  He also runs Alpha at different locations in their city.



Tom & Bev Brumbley


Evangelistic World Outreach is quickly approaching its 45th year of ministry in Haiti.  Tom and Bev Brumbley are the founders and directors of the mission, with a headquarters on the outskirts of Port-au-Prince and a total of 11 churches and 7 schools.  Their main emphasis is to the children of Haiti, with a Chapel Bible program in 40 schools, reaching about 7000 students weekly.  Currently, assistance is being given in the south and southwest to restore churches, schools, and homes that were damaged from Hurricane Matthew.


Michael & Jodi Bunn

JAARS, Waxhaw, NC

Mike evaluates new potential pilot/mechanics at JAARS and trains them for missions flights,  travels to promote aviation in missions and does recurrency training for active field pilots on furlough. This year Mike has been asked to focus on helicopter training for new missionaries. Jodi helps to direct the Intercultural Communications Course which focuses on holistic preparation for new cross-cultural workers. She has been asked to help lead the Learning and Development Department of JAARS, which exists to strengthen people for service together. Jodi also travels and speaks within the Fellowship of Christian Assemblies as the missions representative to the FCA USA national board.


Bruce & Linda Cannon

SEND International – Farmington, Michigan

Bruce and Linda serve with SEND International providing care and oversight to the 330+ SEND missionaries sent from the US to serve in over twenty countries around the world.  Bruce works with new missionaries and those back on home assignment, as well as those in crisis or transition.  Their goal is to encourage, equip and empower these workers to not only survive but to thrive in cross-cultural ministry that is both fruitful and sustainable. Before beginning this assignment in 2011, Bruce and Linda served as church planters in Poland for 17 years.


Rev. Rich & Esther Collingridge

JAARS, Waxhaw, NC

Rev. Rich and Esther Collingridge have been missionaries overseas for over 35 years and served as Missions Pastor at SGT for 14 years. Presently they are working with Jungle Aviation and Radio Service (JAARS) which is the technical arm for Wycliffe USA.
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Kevin and Santa Reece


Kevin and Santa serve among the Sengeju people, an unreached people group in Tanga Region, Northeastern Tanzania. They are using education development as an access ministry, with two adult English classes, tow adult literacy classes, and a kindergarten at their education center. There is about 7 acres of agricultural land they are working towards developing, using principles of Farming God’s Way to teach and demonstrate better stewardship of the land.



Jason & Myra DeFord

Create International 

Jason and Myra De Ford with their two children, Tahlia and Raphael are stationed in Melbourne Australia. They are part of a YWAM ministry called Create International; producing culturally relevant arts and media to reach 10/40 window Unreached People Groups with the gospel of Jesus Christ. They recently started a branch of Create called Create Seeds, a team that focuses on making material specifically for unreached children.  Locally in Melbourne, they are reaching out to migrants, refugees and asylum seekers from Islamic backgrounds. Together with other local missionaries, they are making efforts to see a Discipleship Making Movement happen among these people.

Mick & Mary Haegeland

YWAM – Nepal
Mick and Mary work in and for the nation of Nepal. They are involved with leadership development for Nepali leaders, business as mission, village development projects and working to end human trafficking from Nepal. Mick and Mary both teach on many topics in missions courses around the world.

Paula Herbst

Zacatecas, Mexico

Paula is a teacher at the American Christian School, Colegio Americano. Colegio Americano is run by the daughter of missionary LeeAnne Risk. The school includes ages three through twelfth grade. Paula teaches the older kids as her strengths are math and science. She also tutors the children at the Casa Hogar Orphanage. Paula has the two oldest girls from the orphanage living with her. She is also part of the worship team at Roca Eterna, the church pastored by LeeAnne’s son-in-law. From time to time she has taught English to non-English speakers and currently is teaching flute to LeeAnne’s granddaughter. The Roca Eterna church has several outreaches to the community, such as Samaritan’s Purse: Operation Christmas Child, and intercessory prayer for the country of Mexico.

Kelly & Vicki Hoodikoff
Youth With A Mission – Eastern Europe
Kelly is presently part of the YWAM Europe leadership and oversees a team of leaders in Kyiv, Ukraine. Vicki leads a teacher training certification program with the University of the Nations that trains Christian teachers throughout Ukraine. The Hoodikoff’s are also overseeing an anti-human trafficking ministry in Moldova. Presently, the Hoodikoff’s are pioneering a golf focused Discipleship Training School in Phoenix, AZ with a vision to multiply golf ministries around the world.
Harun Ibrahim

Broadcast and Internet Ministry

The ministry spreads the Gospel through media – TV, radio, internet, literature and follows up ministry in target areas.

Heather Lewis

Heather coordinates an outreach from among the churches to asylum seekers and refugees. Most of the asylums seeker come from countries in conflict in the region, and most are Islamic. The desire of the churches is to demonstrate God’s love and speak His truth so that lives would be transformed.

Jay & Joan McQuillen
Durbanville, South Africa

Jay and Joan serve in the Western Cape area in South Africa. Their ministry includes discipleship training, teaching, preaching, evangelism and empowerment projects. They are the main supporters of the feeding program at City of Refuge in Manenberg.

Munkhjargal & Duya


Munkhjargal and Duya are national leaders and senior pastors of Transformation Mongolia, a church planting network. Eleven churches have been planted in different parts of Mongolia and a missionary couple has been assigned to serve in Inner Mongolia, China. They have also set up Royal Rangers, Rejoice Recovery (a program for people with addictions) and a soccer ministry.


Mohamed Alim Mursalin

Pastor Mursalin is a member of the national board of the Full Gospel Fellowship of Churches in Guyana. He is directly responsible for twenty-two churches in three districts. Other ministry includes teaching and directing leadership development through the training of locals, reaching the unreached via TV ministry, church planting and humanitarian aid. Pastor Mursalin also travels worldwide conducting Islamic Awareness Seminars through the ministry of Operation Crescent Moon Outreach.

Mike & Carol Ann Poynor (retired)
Operation Mobilization, Atlanta, GA 
Mike serves in advisory roles and some engineering design and research projects for the LOGOS HOPE ship. Carol Ann provides communication resources and maintains correspondence with the alumni of OM Ships.
Nathan & Karen Rasmussen
Missions Training Program (MTP)
Tanzania, Burundi, Rwanda, Congo (DRC)

“Training the reached of Africa to reach the unreached.” Nathan and Karen work together with their son Tori and many others to motivate the African church through mission seminars, mission schools, and development projects to see the UPG’s of Africa reached for Christ. They also continue to work with Pentecostal Evangelistic Fellowship of Africa (PEFA) in East and Central Africa in Bible School training, church planting, refugee work, etc

Tori & Alix Rasmussen

Missions Training Program
Tanzania, East Africa

Tori’s primary focus is to assist in cultivating an African missions movement – to see the African church sending their own missionaries and to experience rapidly reproducing church movements. His goal is to help new African missionaries get started in the mission field as well as helping them to begin church planting initiatives. He also continues to work on felt needs projects such as the Road Project and setting up a clinic in Kansansa.

Olivia Reyes
Go To Nations, Thailand
Her vision is to further God’s Kingdom by bringing the Gospel to the lives of children and their families through the Word of God and Spirit-filled worship, training parents to raise a Godly family and empowering them to bring the Gospel to other families within their own communities.



Lee Anne Risk

Mexico and Latin America
Since 1983 Lee Anne’s focus is to see the Christians in Latin America trained to do the work of ministry. This involves Bible and worship ministry schools, short-term outreaches, orphanages, the local church and a Christian school in English for preschool-high school. She is also on the board of directors of Canzion Institutes; which has many Ministry Schools throughout Latin America, Africa and Europe.

Adam & Cyndi Simnowitz

Dearborn, Michigan
The Simnowitz family primarily minister to Arabic speaking Muslims. They are involved in personal evangelism, a church plant, teaching ESL, teaching the Bible at their church and the local Teen Challenge, discipleship, writing articles & tracts, providing training to minister to Muslims, etc. Adam continues with the “Book Project,” a digitization project of the writings of pioneer missionaries to Muslims (i.e. pre-1950).

Antonio & Cindy Soares da Silva

YWAM—Porto Velho, Brazil

Antonio and Cynthia are serving the indigenous population living both in and around the small town of Santa Rosa do Purus with a focus on the Kulina Indians.   They minister in the eight Kulina villages which received Proclaimers (audio Bibles) last year. The Indians who live in Santa Rosa are being reached through their involvement in the kids ministry at the local church.  The church population is nearly 80% indigenous.   While in Porto Velho, Cynthia works with the Maria’s Project which is geared toward at risk adolescent girls in the surrounding river community. They want to launch the Maria’s Project in Santa Rosa.             

Rajesh & Janette Tiwari


The Tiwaris train/equip leaders in the word of God, Discipleship training and Story of Redemption, Ministering to the Unreached. Their specific focus groups are Hindus and Kashmirs Muslims. They minister in Northern, Western, Central and North Western States of India.



Tom Victor

The Great Commission Coalition – Houston, Texas

Tom is serving as a catalyst for mission, prayer and next generation movements with a special focus on Asia and the 10/40 Window area. He has been building partnerships between cities in the West and strategic regions overseas like Indonesia and Northern India. Tom is part of the executive team for the International Prayer Council and also serves as the facilitator for the North American Region for the 4 to 14 Window Movement, (children ages 4 to 14). Tom’s wife, Mercy, recently went to be with the Lord.