Covid-19 Guidelines for Those Attending SGT Events

(Last Updated: June 17th, 2021)


SGT church family,


In harmony with the updated CDC and New York State allowances and recommendations regarding Covid-19 as well as responding to the ambiguity regarding what is defined as a large-scale event, we will, for our Sunday services and other events at SGT, allow the wearing of masks to be completely personal and discretionary. They will no longer be required.


The Sanctuary will no longer be set-up for social-distancing, but the extended Sanctuary and the overflow area will still remain set-up for social-distancing. Each attendee will make a decision regarding their seating based on their personal comfort level with mutual respect for one another. The Usher ministry will do their best to accommodate and facilitate this process. There will no longer be temperature checks before entering a Sunday service or other ministry events.


In regard to our children’s ministry, we will continue with our past protocols and implement new ones in the near future. Pastor Michael will inform all SGT parents regarding the unfolding of these new protocols.


For those of you who are uncomfortable with these new protocols, please understand our intent, and continue to join us through our live-streaming services and overall media ministry.


Thank you, church family, for your gracious understanding and faithful cooperation with our Covid-19 protocols. Looking forward to seeing you Sunday or online! Praise Jesus!



Pastor Zarlengo

Pastor Prezzano