These prophetic words were originally shared during the New Year’s service.

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Prophetic Word 1

My precious children…present your eyes to Me. Yes, give Me your eyes this year like never before. Lift up your eyes and place them directly and tenaciously upon Me. Give Me your full and complete attention! Give Me your eyes and I will cause them to be full of light…the light of clarity and illumination; the light of revelation and sanctified reasoning; the light of purity and holiness…producing wholeness in your personhood. No longer blinded by vain pursuits, superficial distractions, enticing sins, and unnecessary tasks! Seek Me with your eyes set upon Me, the Eternal One, and all temporal things in your life will submit to My sacred will for you. The temporal will serve the eternal, so you will not be mastered by the strangling grip of worldly activities. Give Me your eyes and your focus with undivided attention. Let your life be ruled by direct eye-contact with Me. Now be warned…this new year will unfold with a fierce fight for the control of your eyes, your vision, your focus, and attention. This fight has always been a reality, but it will rise to a new level of intensity. The enemy will seek, with great determination and ferocity, to gain control of your attention, and thus influence your affections and desires, and the very direction of your life. But I place before you, at the inception of this year, a sovereign command: give Me your eyes! Let all carnal lust be replaced with eternal love…let all vanity be replaced with holy vision…let all confusion be replaced with clarity of sight. Where you place your eye will affect what you hear, and what you hear will affect where you go.

As you dedicate and surrender your eyes to My Lordship, I am going to open your eyes so that you no longer see certain individuals, or challenges, or problems, or struggles as bigger than what I, the Lord, can do. No longer will you see them as “tall trees” surrounding you, dominating you, intimidating you…to be ruled by anxiety, fear, and even despair. When I own your eyes, your vision will no longer be blurry and distorted…no longer manipulated by problems, and people, or demons! My supernatural touch upon your eyes will heal you of impaired sight, and My second touch will create clear vision! If you will authentically give Me your eyes…the very focus and attention of your life…I will surely give you pure vision to see with insight, understanding, and discernment…producing the ability to truly see Me as exceedingly bigger and greater than any struggle, problem, need. Your awareness of My manifest and magnificent presence will help you overcome all that seeks to blind you and to do harm to My call upon your life! Though the battle will be intense and fierce this year to distract you, derail you, and gain control over your eyes from seeing correctly and eternally…this I promise to you in the coming year: as you diligently give Me your eyes, I will surely give you spiritual vision and you will confidently move forward with boldness unhindered by the forces of evil!

Prophetic Word 2

My children…hear this challenge and heed My warning. Zacharias questioned My intent, My plan, and My ability to do what I, the Lord, had ordained. This expression of unbelief resulted in an inability to speak. His tongue was silenced! He experienced the inevitable results of unbelief…a loss of voice! Spiritual deafness creates a muted spiritual tongue…the absence of being able to speak with courage and conviction. You have not been called as My son or daughter to simply make noise, but you are called to communicate truth with wisdom and clarity! Therefore, I say to you, My precious children, this year will be a year of a unique visitation of My Spirit…a year where I will visit you and clearly SPEAK to you My will and plan regarding what I have ordained for your life this year. When I SPEAK it to you, do not respond like Zacharias, but rather like Mary. For My servant, Mary, fully believed what I intended to do and honored My plan and power to do it. Her only question was how I would accomplish this great work. She did not question My might…only the method I would employ to fulfill My plan!

Hear Me…this year, you must hear with faith and speak with conviction. It is a year that the devil wants to remove your listening ears in order to cut off your voice. He wants to rob you of your ability to speak with confidence, authority, conviction, and courage. The enemy wants to rob you of your ability to speak with boldness…a tongue set on fire by heaven…speaking the language of faith and of the Holy Spirit!

Let this year be a year where you give Me your ear and hear with faith so you will speak with authority! And though the plan and strategy of the evil one for this year is to produce the very opposite, I promise you victory and great grace if you will give Me your ears and yield to Me your tongue…and as you do this, I will anoint your ears to hear what My Spirit is saying and anoint your tongue to speak with great authority. For as you come under My authority and listen to My voice, you will speak with grace, and wisdom, truth, and great courage!

Prophetic Word 3

And to you who are in a prison of despair right now…drowning in hopelessness…overcome by the dread of absolute defeat…there is no hope in you…no faith in you…no life in you. Darkness encircles your mind and fear surrounds your heart. Even though some know, and seem to understand you feel so alone, you wonder if this is even Me speaking to you…But I, the Lord, say there is something alive in you…it is your cry of desperation…the cry that pounds in your soul…unheard but so deep and so real…you hear it! A cry of desperation is what came forth from the disciples when a storm arose…a cry of desperation came from the mouth of a broken father regarding his bound son…the cry of desperation came from the feeble lips of a blind man in the agony of darkness. Desperation, for them, became the strange, yet magnificent, language of faith because they directed their cry to Me! The cry of desperation became a shout of faith, and the shout of faith became the song of praise, because trust was stirred when My presence arrived. My presence has arrived for you. Be assured…I hear you and I see you! Let now your cry become your bridge to Me. Don’t be afraid. It is impossible for Me to fail. I am the God of the impossible. There is nothing I cannot untangle or repair, heal or remove, re-create, restore, or redeem! Your hand can’t, but My hand can…your will is weak, but I am strong…your words drop to the ground, but My words shake the very heavens! You will no longer say in this coming year: “I am finished” but your words will surely be replaced with the declaration: “It is finished! My God has intervened and has done an amazing work!” I am sending My answer like an earthquake that will shake the foundation of this dungeon and open the prison doors. You will no longer be a captive…for I feel your brokenness and tears and I hear your cry…joy is coming shortly…even in the morning! Trust Me, My son! Trust Me, My daughter! I am a Good God and a Miracle-working God!

Prophetic Word 4

THIS YEAR…I need from you, more than ever before, your whole heart, your complete mind, your absolute attention, your deep commitment, your undivided devotion, your unwavering surrender, your loyal submission. Yes, your full openness and obedience to do ALL that I have appointed for you to do in this coming year! For all that I have ordained for you to possess and express, through you, My beloved! Walk in MY abiding presence within you and My manifest presence will flow through you to the people in your sphere of influence and to this nation and to the nations and people groups of this world. Will you align your unhindered and undefiled allegiance to Me? Will you be more aware of My call on your life than your career; My provision, more than your possessions; My eternal plan, more than your temporal ambitions; My forgiveness, more than your guilt; My design, more than your personal desires; My burden, even more than your pain; My strength, more than your weakness; My power, more than your self-generated abilities; My wisdom, more than your experience; My life, more than the things that bring you death? My precious children, if you truly knew and accepted how deeply I love you and want the best for your life, you would understand why My invitation for you to die to self is really your path to life and fulfillment! May your heart grasp, may your mind comprehend, and your eyes see what I want and will for your life this year. As you seek Me FIRST, everything that grips you will no longer dominate you or own you, but will come under your feet and will be properly aligned or removed altogether. If it is a chain, it will be broken; if it is a choice, you will have clarity of direction; if it is a distraction, it will no longer own your eye; if it is necessary, and a task and a responsibility, it will serve you and not master you. Yes…when I am FIRST, your Godly priorities will dictate to your demanding schedule and personal pressures, and you will no longer be owned by them!

Will you, in solemn covenant with Me this day, say yes to die to your selfish ways and be truly crucified in Me, so that I will be resurrected in you…so alive in you that death will have no place and darkness will have no power to control you! And My life would be fully expressed through your life! Hear Me…My desire…My desire…is to heal the sick, to heal the broken hearted, to set at liberty those in captivity, to raise the dead, to save the lost, to break the power of darkness, which is about to mightily explode at a new decibel level in an unprecedented way in this new year! I want this mighty river of My will and deliverance to flow through you! Give yourself to me! Give Me your eyes…your full attention, give Me your heart…your complete affections, give Me your mind…your thoughts and plans, give Me your ears…listening most earnestly to My voice, and give Me your hands…that you will hold and possess My natural and supernatural touch…My carpenter hands to build lives and My miracle working hands to supernaturally heal lives! As you surrender your hands to Me, I will grow My hands in you! Your hands will become My hands; filled with natural and supernatural power! You will heal the sick and the broken hearted and set at liberty those who are oppressed…give Me your hands! The joy you will feel as I use you mightily for My glory, and My favor, will be abundantly poured out upon you…for what I give to you will flow through you…to touch and help many lives! I, the Master, have need of you…all of you! Come…renew your covenant with Me and you will see things this year that you have never seen before…you will hear things that you have never heard before…you will speak things that you have never spoken before, and you will hold and give what you have never given before…for I will be your source as you are in covenant…and in connection with Me!