These prophetic words were originally shared during the New Year’s Eve service.

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Prophetic Word 1

This coming year will be a year that My hand orchestrates greater unity within yourself and key relationships within your life. A unity that first begins within your own soul. A unity that will make you one with Me through the sacred process of separation. Yes! A separation that will not split or divide you, but will mend your fragmented soul and make you complete and whole in Me! A unity that will create soundness of mind, stability of emotions, strength within your will, and a healthy and strong spirit. The power of this sacred separation unto Me will conquer and crush division. You will be united with Me; set apart unto Me! This is holiness…united not with rules, but with Me, the Holy One! This will make you more than a conqueror for you will possess not only great victory, but deep fulfillment! As your soul experiences unity, it will produce wholeness and freedom from addictions! Your life-vessel will be able to successfully carry wisdom, discernment, understanding, strength, and resources to others! I the Lord will come this year like a surgeon with scalpel in My hand in order to cut-off bondage and captivity and to separate you from the splitting effects of internal division…separating good from evil, life from death, and light from darkness! Separating you from a cloak of rebellion and placing upon you a garment of righteousness and obedience! My will and your will fused together in unity. The devil divides, but I the Lord separates and sanctifies in order to connect you to Me and with your brothers and your sisters…unity is not simply a noble principle, but a source of life!

The devil comes as a murderer with knife in hand to cut you off from life and from Me and from the church family. The devil wants to sift you like wheat this year. The enemy comes this year like never before to slay unity…with the sword of his lying tongue and fueling this assault with the spirit of jealousy. The prince of darkness comes to create a divided heart. He comes to divide you from within and to divide you from the brethren. Be on guard and protect your soul from a tongue, shaped like a knife, that seeks, with deceptive reasoning, to divide you from the safety of your church family!

The Cross will press into you this year with greater intensity, not to destroy you, but to free your soul from the fragmenting force of sin. When My Church is connected it can move and aggressively advance My Kingdom; but when My people are divided it is like a man with his hands and arms, and his legs and feet disconnected from each other…these parts of the body may be moving or twitching, but going nowhere! But not so with Me…as you come to Me, you will be made whole – fused together in the unity of My Spirit! Yes! This year you will surely arise with wholeness, stand in unity, walk in freedom, and run with My power…to bring this same wholeness, healing, and deliverance unto others in this coming year!

Prophetic Word 2

I, the Lord, have ordained this year to truly be a new year of focus and increased faith. As you connect with Me in prayer and understand My mind through My Word a non-vacillating faith will arise within your heart…authored by your willingness and My sacred providence. Skepticism will lose its influence and grip. A new and unwavering faith will arise from within your spirit equaled only by a new and intense focus within your soul. Yes! I have decreed that this year will be a year that your faith in Me will increase a hundredfold. You will even marvel at the new level of faith that will arise within you because of My grace and your desperate thirst for it. Because I have consecrated this year to be a unique time and conducive environment for the supernatural growth of your faith and the genuine maturation of your trust in Me…the evil one will seek to achieve the very opposite of what I have determined and appointed for this year. The devil’s strategy will be to assault My children with an unparalleled attack of double-mindedness…to torment you with a whirlwind of vacillating. Up and down…up and down…looking at Me and then being pulled back down to look at your circumstances. You must be acutely aware of this frontal assault by the enemy and gain the victory through a focused eye and a growing faith…I am here this year, like never before, to help you with both! Remember, as My Word declares, a double-minded man is unstable in all his ways. Be sobered and warned by this: when your mind is vacillating, your soul will be intoxicated with disillusionment, this will produce instability and thus creating a dangerous path that leads to deception. Therefore, lay hold of My will for your life in this coming year…you will become a son and daughter with an enlarged faith to do greater exploits for Me and My kingdom as well as for the betterment of your life! Have I not declared that this is the victory that has overcome the world – yes! your faith in Me!

Prophetic Word 3

This coming year will be a year of acquiring a greater appetite for Me and what I desire to do in you and through you! It will not be achieved through self-effort or merit; nor will it be obtained through personal discipline, but rather through My generous and sovereign will and providential provision. This new and strong hunger for Me will arise innately from within you and create a cry, like a new born baby with hunger pains, crying out with desperation for the “food” of My presence and will! This year you will have such a deep hunger and hunger pains within your soul for Me, that nothing, yes, I say nothing else will satisfy you or be able to sustain you! This new hunger, arising from within your soul, will be placed there by Me and it will marry you to My ordained will for your life. Though the evil one will seek to disrupt and disturb this sacred process with competing appetites along with a specific assault of tempting and tormenting you with envy; for envy is a longing, wanting, and striving for things that are NOT of Me or part of My will for your life! I will surely help you with this intense temptation and together we will not only nullify this temptation, but together we will crush it! Thus conquering envy through your heart of surrender to Me and by finding your “seat” at My table! There you will taste and partake of the food of My will as My Son declared: “to do the will of My Father is food to Me!” So it will be for you…this new hunger and appetite for Me will produce the greatest satisfaction you could ever imagine and its taste will stir you to eat more and more…and your satisfaction and joy will become contagious to others to come to My table and partake of My will and My life! Come now…come to My table!

Prophetic Word 4

Behold, this will be a year that My children will lift a warrior shout of praise – your words of praise and thanksgiving will form into a broad shield protecting you My children from the vicious and cruel assault of the devil…who seeks to destroy My children with a flood of bitterness and poison-tipped arrows of unthankfulness. Bitterness will blind you; and unthankfulness will bind you; and negativity will create a paralyzing effect on your feet! I forewarn you of the enemy’s sinister plan of pouring out, in this coming year, a tremendous assault of bitterness and negativity, in an attempt to corrupt the souls of My children. This attack of the enemy is an attempt to counter what I the Lord have ordained for you in this coming year…if you will obey and enter into My courts with praise, yes, with a shout of praise and thanksgiving; it will catapult you into My presence and thrust you directly into My ordained plan for you for this year! In a new place you must stand…standing that starts on your knees…for as you touch the ground with your knees in surrender and lift your hands in the praise of submission you will surely soar upward and touch the heavens…in this place you will have a revelation of Who I am and what I am able to do through you; power to loose your life from loneliness, your mind from confusion, your reasoning from unbelief, your marriage from emptiness, your children from complacency and captivity, and from your lack of full provision! But the hand that will open the door is the hand lifted in praise and the heart given to thanksgiving…these realities are part of your weaponry for this coming year! You must be intentional and tenacious with engaging your will, not to simply hold these weapons, but grip them with intensity! I say to you My precious children…in this place of renewed praise and worship of Me wed to a heart of thanksgiving, you will find the fullness of joy and the strength you will need, in a year that the devil will seek to darken you with negativity and depression! In praise of Me you will find vision and light and in heart-felt thanksgiving you will find great joy and strength! Arise now and lift your praises to Me!