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2018 Prophetic Words

These prophetic words were originally shared during the New Year's Eve service.

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Prophetic Word 1

This year I the Lord will increase your desire and desperation to come to Me in relational communion a hundred-fold...a renewed desire and a desperate hunger to pray will be deposited into your soul as a grace gift from Me. You will arise each day with a new hunger and thirst for Me...this will cause your heart to expand and your perspective to be radically altered...your eyes will be opened even wider to see Me with an enriched understanding and a deeper revelation thus elevating your faith in Me to a new level. You will comprehend more profoundly your covenant relationship with Me. This Secret place of meeting with Me will become to you a Holy place; there you will find and experience wholeness, fruitfulness, and the multiplication of your understanding of Who I am; My will and My ways will be understood and embraced there...and there your identity will blossom and your destiny will bloom!

There, in the Secret place, the Holy place, My presence will dismantle fear and baptize you with love; My presence will displace confusion and bring forth clarity and direction; My presence will confront compromise and bring about authentic commitment; My presence will crush despair and bring you hope; My presence will comfort your grief and shatter depression and there I will touch you with My peace and remove the infirmities caused by anxiety; yes even your body will prosper and be in harmony with Me as I prosper your soul.

In this Holy place there will be multiplication...bread for you and bread for you to bring to others...a place of resources...providing you with provisions to be brought to others...for you are blessed by Me to be a blessing to others. This renewed place of communion with Me will create in you a new set of ears to hear Me more clearly and discern more acutely the strategies of the will not only hear My voice, but you will also hear the arrogant roar of ungodly giants of this culture boastfully proclaiming their lies and bragging about their unmatched strength, intelligence, wealth, and experience!

But since you will have been with Me you will be SENT from Me...and you, yes you...will confront this challenge...and you will do it with Me...the Holy One and the only One with unequaled power, ability, strength, and sovereign authority! You will surely feel My presence and My covenant with you! While others, who are weak in faith because they do not meet with Me in the Holy place, they will tremble with fear; but you will surely hear a voice louder than any giant; a voice declaring that I AM the Great I AM and I AM with you! You will not need to live up to any greatness, but simply let Me, the Great One, live through you! This year you will not run from the battle, but will fearlessly and with swift feet run into the battle and confront the Goliaths of this culture! Not with arrogance, but with active obedience, you will hurl the “stone of faith” to destroy the enemy and by the sacred Sword of the Spirit, My word, you will surely decapitate the reasoning and prideful mindset of this Age by the power of the Eternal One! Now be filled with a new grace to hunger and thirst for Me and to desperately seek Me and be with Me in the Secret place, in the Holy place, and the Only place to be fully empowered by Me…says the Lord!

Prophetic Word 2

I the Lord say to you: this year demonic forces will come with even stronger voices of condemnation...their every word, phrase, and paragraph will be engulfed in the fire and fury of hell...logical, reasonable, convincing, and more intense and intimidating than ever...not simply to slow you down, but to literally stop you! The voice of condemnation is one of the strongest and most effective weapons to keep My children in the captivity of self-focus and in the bondage of self-rejection...trapped in a dungeon of darkness...blinded by the vile Accuser! Condemnation is a crushing force that blinds your eyes and destroys your ability to see the power of the blood of the Lamb! Condemnation awakens guilt and shame that entangles your soul and strangles your life! Condemnation speaks what seems to be true, but intensely seeks to suppress the TRUTH. But the holy conviction of My Spirit declares the full picture and promise; for if you confess and repent of your sins I am faithful and unwavering to forgive you and cleanse you!

Therefore, I have ordained this year to provide you with a deeper revelation of the words of My son spoken to a woman broken in sin and under the condemnation of self and others...hear these words as I speak them over you now...neither do I the Lord condemn you, go and sin no more! Neither do I the Lord condemn you, go and sin no more!

As you fully and authentically repent in your heart of known sin I will grip your hand of repentance with My hand of forgiveness; and your soul will be washed clean by the blood of the Lamb! Remorse and regret are only small fingers; you must lift your complete hand of repentance to be connected to My hand of forgiveness! With the full embrace of My hand of forgiveness it will surely pull you up and set your feet in the right place and in the right direction!

This year you must walk in the complete knowledge and revelation of My full forgiveness over your must let this sacred truth settle deep in your soul and spirit so that you are no longer tormented by shame and paralyzed by condemnation. You must hear loud in your heart from longer call unclean what I the Lord call clean! In the full spirit of repentance from your sins you must intensely meditate on what I did at Calvary and not on what you did in rebellion. The power of My blood washes you clean...honor My act of love more than your thoughts of guilt. Remember what I did to bring you salvation and forgiveness more than what you did to bring judgment upon yourself. Honor My voice of mercy and forgiveness more than your voice of self-judgment. Be gripped by My conviction and shaped by My authentic hand of forgiveness! I will lead you into a new freedom...into a new strength to stand, walk, and run with renewed courage the godly race that is set before you, to powerfully advance My kingdom!

Prophetic Word 3

In this coming year I will make a covenant of hope with you...a hope and a promise regarding your lost and unsaved loved ones...I say to you surely seek My face I will surely pursue their faces...those in your family and among your cousins that do not know Me and do not even desire to know Me...I will move upon them with My powerful, persuasive, and motivating LOVE...they will feel My presence, hear My voice, and be touched by My hand! I will crush the hindrances that push them away from Me and muzzle the lies that deceive them and I will draw them near to My cross.

And for some, as you trust My wisdom, I will allow them to be gripped by circumstances that will force them to be put on a cross of consequence and brought near My cross of one of the thieves hanging on a cross near My cross; this unplanned proximity near Me will force them to look in My direction and hear My voice...and though they will be under judgment for their actions they will experience My mercy...and mercy will triumph over judgment...for as they cry out to Me “Lord, remember me!” I will remember them and bring them into the safe place of knowing Me!

Yes, this year, I will make a covenant of hope with you, as you earnestly pursue Me I will surely pursue them! Your lost spouse...your lost siblings...your lost children...your lost grandchildren...your lost parents...your lost grandparents...your lost aunts and uncles...your lost cousins. I will move upon them strongly and mightily with the force of a strong wind...the very wind of My Spirit blowing truth into the nostrils of their life and drawing them to Me to be born into My Kingdom!

Cry out to Me now with a desperate voice for these you deeply love and are burdened for and the covenant of hope between Me with you will begin this year...says the Lord of salvation!

Prophetic Word 4

My sons and My daughters this word I speak now is a word containing a deep warning for those of you who have chosen to think lightly of certain sins; sins that flirt with you and entice your soul to rebel against Me and My will.

Your unclean compromise will evolve into destructive rebellion and it will yoke you to a fluctuating thought-life. It will place you on a dark path and a pattern of coming close to Me and then running from Me...on fire and then Peter you will declare My deity...”thou art the Christ”...and then you will deny My Lordship by actions that say: “I don’t know Him!” This cannot continue...this year is a year I must remove all such vacillating within My must fall upon Me and not away from must fall upon the Rock or the Rock will surely fall upon you! I want you clean, not crushed...but it is a choice you must embrace.

You must look up and cry out for you will not be crushed by judgment! Separation from evil must be the theme of your choices and the very expression of your actions...I will be your Help...I will be the Hand that will lift you...the Grace that will empower you...the Voice that will encourage you...I am your Deliverer...but you must come to Me and not run from Me...abide with Me and not hide from My provision! Do not ignore My voice or dismiss My hand or trample upon My grace!

Be NOT like Samson who considered the flirtations of Delilah lightly until he eventually laid his very head on her lap...compromise evolved into severe rebellion...he played a game of riddles and in turn riddled himself with object of mockery...though for a season he was able to shake-off the chains; he arrogantly presumed he could never be overcome. He was dreadfully wrong... and the day came when he could no longer shake-off the straps and chains...for his covenant with Me was cut off...more than the cutting of his hair; it was the cutting off of his heart from Me! He became blind...losing both light and sight! Yet his blindness caused his inner eye to see again...but it was too late...his destiny was robbed and his end was between two pillars in a pagan temple instead of between Me and his next assignment! There were more chapters laid out for Samson, but his choices caused this to be his last and closing chapter...DO NOT FOLLOW HIS FOOLISH PATH OF PRESUMPTION!

But now I say to you, not as a warning, but as a sacred and life-imparting promise; if you will bring Me this sin...I will break it on the Rock of My holiness and it will no longer dominate you! You will be the overcomer and not overcome! You will be victorious in Me and the Rock you fall upon will be your place, not of defeat, but of absolute and complete stability! Fall upon Me, into My loving Arms of deliverance, freedom, victory, and wholeness! Be holy as I am holy; for it is by My grace these chains will be broken! Come to Me says the Lord of Love and your Deliverer!

Prophetic Word 5

This year you will be confronted with a multitude of distractions, a flood of potential opportunities that will possess the power to cause you to lose focus on My ordained plan for your life. Not light distractions, but forceful distractions that are deceptive and destructive at their very core...distractions authored by fleshly and demonic sources coming with a hurricane force to thrust you off course and put you on a path that leads you away from My good and perfect will for your life. A spin that impacts the very steps of your life; distractions will grip you emotionally through relationships and materialistically through increased possessions.

Logic will not guard you and reasoning will not protect you from these dangerous distractions that are masked with a rationale that is both inviting and convincing. You will feel the thrust of opportunity and the good-will of convenience, however, discernment from My Spirit will provide you with piercing wisdom; a discernment that will correctly shape your perspective and sharpen your interpretation of what has come before you.

A discernment that is supernatural and authored by Me with the power to remove the mask and reveal the deception...the presence of My Word and My Spirit will open your eyes, unstop your ears, sharpen your mind, and guide your spirit. Therefore, I say to you: cry out to Me for this pierce through the when these powerful distractions knock at the door of your life at a new level in this new will surely answer the door with godly wisdom and Spirit-led discernment and YOU WILL SAY with divine authority: Be winds of distraction and deception...for I will walk in the knowledge and power of knowing and doing nothing but My Father’s perfect, good, and acceptable Will! So I say to you, cry out to Me for this godly and piercing discernment and I the Lord will surely deposit this keen and discerning eye into you!

Prophetic Word 6

My precious children I say to you that this is more than the beginning of a new year. It is the ending of a season of testing in a particular area of your life and the beginning of a new season of fulfillment...the beginning and the unfolding of a new chapter in your life by My hand and My power creating the fulfillment of a promise spoken and a promise given to you...

As with My servant Joseph who was tested deeply, intensely, and even severely through the rejection of his family, the temptation to compromise, the unfair judgment of a leader, the forgetting of one who was helped, and the painful delay of a will now end as it did for Joseph and a new door will open for you and the blessing of you being elevated to a new place of authority, abundant provision, and the manifestation of My redemptive power will now begin! In this rejoice...for what others may have meant for evil against you I the Lord redeem it now for your good and the betterment of others! Greatly rejoice...for the time has come for you to see and experience My sweet provision. Behold a new wind of encouragement will fill your lungs, a new strength will hold your feet, a new courage will grip your heart, a new understanding will saturate your mind, a new fire will enter into your spirit, and a new power of influence to effectively impact others will be given to you!

A wisdom beyond your education, skills beyond your training, knowledge beyond your experience, a perspective beyond your line of sight, a might beyond your own power, and a provision beyond your own resources...for I am the Lord...the Source of all and your source...the Provider for all and your provider...the Wisdom for all and your wisdom...the Strength for all and your strength, the Counselor for all and your counselor, the Redeemer of all and your redeemer...a High tower for all and your high tower!

Behold it comes now...a season of fulfillment, a new release of my help and provision, a new unfolding of My redeeming power, the fulfillment of a will see and touch and know that nothing...yes...nothing is impossible for Me! Is anything too difficult for My hand to alter; anything beyond My reach; anything beyond My knowledge...when a leaf falls to the ground...when a rock rolls down a mountain, when a flake of snow melts, when a heart stops beating, when a blade of grass turns brown, when there is the slightest movement in the depth of the ocean or the shift within the stars above...Am I not there and do I not know...I am with you...My word is true...TRUST ME and I will take you from a dark dungeon to the dawning of a new day! Rejoice...yes arise and rejoice in ME!

For in this year I will surely arise with a brilliant bright it will open blind eyes and will blind darkness! It will be the light of truth, the light of revelation, and the light of My power and glory revealed!

You, My precious children, will come up will ascend the mount of transfiguration...some by desire...some by discipline...and some out of sheer come above all the darkness; I will remove all compromise from your countenance and extract all darkness from your heart so you will shine with a new brilliance as in the days of Moses, and you’ll be surrounded with the light of power as in the days of Elijah and you will ascend into My presence with My power...and you’ll descend into the valley of this dark world—you’ll descend with My authority and My anointing. You will speak with the light of truth, and bring deliverance to souls with the light of My power...for have I not declared of you My sons and are children of Light!

Yes...arise and glorify Me with hands lifted and hearts yielded...I will overtake you this year with this New Truth...this new year that is in Me! Arise...Lift your hands! Lift your hearts! Give Me praise! For I am the Lord and there is nothing impossible for Me!